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What is Ayaya?
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What is Ayaya?

Ayaya Marketing & Communications is an Inuit-owned agency headquartered in Iqaluit, Nunavut, that specializes in strategic communications planning and full-scale marketing and communications campaigns.

Ayaya was a type of traditional song used as a means of communication between families and generations at Inuit gatherings. Often accompanied by drum dancing, ayaya songs were a crucial tool in preserving the traditional oral culture of the Inuit.

Ayaya Marketing & Communications combines the ability to manage and direct Aboriginal communications at the senior level, in Inuktitut, with nearly 25 years of experience in northern and Aboriginal communications.

At the strategic level, Ayaya offers research, consulting, and strategic planning for communications issues. After senior level consultations to define communications issues, Ayaya researches with clients, tests plans and materials, and provides written reports specifying recommendations, budgets matters, and timelines.

Ayaya Marketing & Communications also offers the ability to implement a communications or marketing program, in close collaboration with client staff. With years of experience in the North, Ayaya can guarantee reliable and accurate materials in print, on the web, on television, on radio, and in a number of languages. Ayaya also offers communications capacity-building for organizations through partnerships with staff, and the design of communications training programs.

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